3 Ways To Feel More Confident Instantly

Photographed by Winnie Au.
As the video below points out, "be more confident" can be the absolute worst thing to hear. It fails to take into account how you actually feel, and it's not really advice; it's more of an order. That is not to say that you can't help yourself feel confident. But it takes a lot more than just being — confidence is a complex combination of self-esteem, optimism, and courage.

Finding and maintaining your confidence is a lifelong project, to be sure. Here are a few little things you can do for yourself when you need a boost, courtesy of the TED-Ed video series and the Always #LikeAGirl campaign.

Find A Quick Fix
Any bass-heavy music that makes you strut, rather than stroll, is at the very least fun to listen to, and it might even trick you into feeling more powerful than you did a moment ago. Might we make a few suggestions?

Be Flexible
When we called building your confidence a "project," we meant it. You can get so wrapped up in the challenge you're currently facing that you forget how adaptable you truly are. If you approach a problem ready to change your perspective or approach, you're already closer to solving it than if you thought you were only capable of fixing it one exact way.

Practice Failure
The flip side of the second tip: It's important to recognize when you're fighting a losing battle — and be okay with that. According to the video, "those who fail regularly and keep trying anyway are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks." Accepting — and learning from — failure puts you in a position to succeed later.

Check out the video in its entirety to learn what shapes and fuels your confidence as time goes on.
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