Tom Hanks & Stephen Colbert Solved All The Mysteries Of The Universe, So You're Welcome

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Oh, great, unknowable universe! So many infinite questions to ask, and such limited time to answer them all! Thankfully, we have Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert to guide us along the way.

During Wednesday night's episode of The Late Show, the Bridge of Spies star visited his pal "Steve-a-Roo" and the two laid on a blanket, looked up at the sky, and pondered the mysteries of life together.

Now, Colbert has already discussed some of "The Big Questions" with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, but there were still so many more that needed to be pondered such as, "What really scares you?", "What do you think Santa does during the summer?", and "What's the best idea for a movie that's never been made yet?" The answers, in case you were wondering, are "Spooky skeletons," "He's Santa on other planets," and "An action-thriller about secret service dogs that protect the President's dog."

Alright, so it's basically an excuse for delightful goofballs Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert to "kill four minutes" with crackpot theories like, "The solar system is an atom in some giant's finger."

Then again, when you see something this gloriously silly, maybe the answer to everything is Stephen Colbert. After all, he can get the likes of beloved Oscar-winning actors like Tom Hanks to say absurd things such as, "Hitler-Killing Baby, go get me my coffee and wash my car!" with a totally straight face.

Watch the full, hilarious clip of the Hanks-Colbert edition of "The Big Questions" on The Late Show below. (Be sure to stick around for their post-sketch cuddle.)


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