Bar Slapped With Fine After A Terrifying Liquid Nitrogen Incident

Photo: Oliver Hoffmann/Getty Images.
Talk about a birthday nightmare. Remember this story from a few years ago? After taking what seemed to be a cool, smoking shot, an 18-year-old from Lancashire, U.K., Gaby Scanlon, was rushed to the hospital mid-birthday celebration. The drink in question was a Nitro-Jägermeister. Essentially, a Jägermeister shot with liquid nitrogen.

While the incident happened in 2012, the BBC reports it was recently decided that the bar ultimately had to take responsibility for its actions. Oscar's Wine Bar has been fined $156,000 by a U.K. court for failing to comply with safety standards. Her 2012 consumption of liquid nitrogen means Scanlon will be affected with very serious health problems for the rest of her life.

After drinking the shot, smoke came out of her nose and mouth, and she immediately had to be taken to the hospital where her stomach was surgically removed. The liquid nitrogen in cocktails containing the substance must evaporate completely before it's safe to consume the alcoholic beverage.

So next time you drink a liquid nitrogen cocktail, make sure that the liquid nitrogen has completely evaporated before you take a sip. And if you're not sure, we suggest a nonchemical-containing drink.

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