This New Toy Will Change Your Sex Life — And We're Giving It Away For Free

Image: Courtesy Of Je Joue/Babeland.
Update: Babeland and Refinery29 have teamed up to bring you the chance to win a very sexy pleasure package from Je Joue! Acquaint yourself with Je Joue's just-released Ooh sex toys below and then enter to win one of four sets of Ooh products (London Love-In, What Happens In Vegas, Her Name Is Rio, or the entire Ooh line), with exclusive Babeland lube, Arousal Balm, and Massage Candle thrown in for an extra-good time. Best of luck!

This story was originally published on August 25, 2015.

We at R29 Health have seen a lot when it comes to sex toys (everything from electro-stimulating finger pads to elegant necklaces that double as powerful vibes), so it takes a lot for a new toy to impress us. Launched today, Je Joue's ingenious Ooh line of modular pleasure products — which includes a powerful vibrating motor and a collection of attachments that can be joined to the motor to create a different sex toy each time — has risen to the challenge. So much so, in fact, that we had to be the ones to break the news.

Why are we so excited about a sex toy that you can put together and take apart? One of the main problems with traditional (non-modular) toys is that when the motor wears out, the toy is through, no matter how well its material has withstood wear and tear (keep in mind that silicone doesn't degrade). This means less money in your wallet and more trash in landfills. Plus, individually buying several toys, each equipped with its own motor, is less cost-effective than purchasing one motor and several attachments. And there is something undeniably playful about "constructing" your own pleasure products (it gives "erector set" a whole new meaning).

Alongside a $50 motor, the three Ooh components Je Joue is currently selling on Babeland are its Classic Vibrator ($40), Vibrating Pebble ($25), and Cock Ring ($25). In January of next year, a cheaper mini motor will become available, as will a mini vibrating butt plug, mini cock ring, mini butt plug, and rabbit; a G-spot vibrator and "flexi G-spot vibrator" (simultaneous G-spot and clitoral pleasure!) will follow in spring of 2016. You can buy the components separately or in sweetly titled combinations, to save a few dollars: The London Love-In Set includes the motor, cock ring, and pebble; the What Happens In Vegas Set includes the motor, cock ring, and classic vibrator; and the Her Name Is Rio Set includes the motor, classic vibrator, and pebble. Click through the slideshow to see each component and start imagining the possibilities.

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