Redheaded Teen Deemed Too Pale To Board Plane

Airlines are getting mighty picky about their passengers these days. Forget about being too drunk, too rowdy, or just too Kate Moss. As 14-year-old Grace Wain learned recently at the Manchester airport in England, complexion can also get you grounded.

The Mirror UK reports that the redheaded Scottish teen was on her way to a Maldives family vacation -- side note: jealous -- when Etihad Airways staff stopped her in line. Why? Because of her pale skin.

Etihad staff assumed she was ill based on her ivory skin, even though auburn hair and fair skin are commonly paired features.

The irony of getting stopped for being fair-skinned on the way to the beach was no joke for the poor girl, who immediately began crying. We can sympathize. Being told a dreamy island vacation no longer awaits would probably lead us to not only break down sobbing, but also send us into a frenzy that would get us kicked out the airport. Just saying.

“She is a redhead and she has a pale complexion," Wain's father told The Mirror UK. "That’s just the way she is.”

Other redheads have begun responding to this ginger-shaming on social media, pointing out that pale is healthy.

Finally, after Wain underwent an examination with the airport paramedic was she officially cleared to board. Then, adding insult to injury in true airline fashion, two of the family's suitcases were lost en route for three days.

All of which proves that if there's anything powerful enough to ruin the good time of a vacation to the Maldives, it's airlines being, well, airlines.

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