The New Chanel Bag Looks Like A Chanel Cardigan

Karl Lagerfeld is the master of making a handbag out of nearly anything. Hula hoops, gas cans, packages of chopped meat — he’s turned all these ordinary objects into beautiful, covetable accessories accented with the famous double-C insignia. The latest Chanel bag comes in a shape that’s nearly as ubiquitous to the brand as its signature letter: the cardigan.

In the just-released campaign, Lagerfeld teams with brand muses Kristen Stewart, Alice Dellal, and Vanessa Paradis for the debut of the Chanel Girl bag. Fittingly called "3 Girls 3 Bags," the ads pair each model with an iconic silhouette. Dellal poses with the Boy bag (as she has since its launch in 2012), and Stewart, in her second campaign for the storied label, holds the 11.12. The most striking photo, though, is one of Paradis wearing nothing but strings of pearls and the crossbody Girl bag. 

With its row of buttons and double hip pockets, the Girl is essentially a sweater…that can also hold all your stuff. Its low-slung fit comes courtesy of a long strap that perfectly occupies the space where sleeves should be. The style may not be as literal as a Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle bag or a carton of Lait de Coco, but it's probably the most everyday-wearable of Lagerfeld's bag designs that's inspired by an item that's, well, not a handbag. Click ahead to see all the latest photos.

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