Good Luck Topping This Guy's Valentine's Day Gift To His Girlfriend

Cancel whatever Valentine's Day plans you made for your significant other. Nothing will top what this fella did for his girlfriend. Nothing.

Brian Flynn and his girlfriend, Manini, found viral fame this week when Flynn uploaded his Valentine's Day gifts to her on imgur. Flynn commissioned artist Dylan Bonner to turn Manini into Disney princesses because the two of them "LOVE Disney movies" and he "[wanted] our relationship to be as epic and timeless as the animations we grew up on." Consider that done. 

Bonner's paintings are spot-on Disney. Everything from the coloring, the linework, and face shapes could've been ripped straight from the animated features. Flynn's imgur post explained that Bonner started each piece from scratch, which just goes to show how freakin' talented he is. (No tracing!) Flynn wrote Bonner "did a pretty great job," which is an understatement. Bonner nailed it. And, Flynn nailed it on the relationship part. Manini's a lucky gal, y'all. 

Check out Bonner's work ahead, and be sure to peep his other stuff herehere, and here

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