The Best Sex Toy For Your Halloween Costume

The Halloween-costume-planning frenzy is officially in full swing, and we still have so many questions. Is our costume idea clever without being obscure? Will we find our outfits in-store, online, or at the bottom of the heap of clothes on our bedroom floor? What are we even doing on the 31st, anyway? It's almost enough to make us want to give up, stay in, and watch horror movies instead. (Actually, we haven't ruled that out.)
Whether you go out or hunker down at home in front of Carrie, the accessory you shouldn't skip is the kind you use between the sheets — and no, we're not referring to that "ironic" DIY ghost costume. In celebration of All Hallows' Eve, we've found the best sex toy for a few costume ideas. While not all are appropriate to carry with you throughout your evening (if they are, please invite us to that party), a few undercover toys can double as the perfect accessories. Your Halloween just got that much more intriguing.

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Photo: Courtesy of Tenga.
A basket of these cleverly packaged masturbation sleeves is the perfect accessory for any cotton-tailed ensemble.

Tenga Tenga Egg, $6.75, available at Liberator.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bijoux Indiscrets
Jewel thief
It might not be the Hope diamond, but this wearable, vibrating stone is certainly precious. Pair it with a slinky, all-black ensemble for major stealth.

Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One, $60, available at Bijoux Indiscrets.
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It's a classic costume for a reason. You can go all out or assemble this look with pieces you already own: a green skirt, messy hair, aqua makeup, and you're good to go. (We confess to falling back on this option on more than one Halloween.) Every mermaid, whether laid-back or elaborate, deserves to ride her own personal ocean — or, as the description for the Ocean vibe reads, her own "stormy surges and erotic waves."

Fun Factory Ocean, $50, available at Fun Factory.
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Here, we're showing the males in our midst a little love with the classic Fleshlight — only this one's a little different (by which we mean bluer) than your average model. And, it's decidedly less human. A bedroom must for those masquerading as extraterrestrial creatures (if you don't buy a mock alien-vagina, how committed are you to your costume, really?).

Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator, $79.99, available at Amazon.
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Hermione Granger
Brush up on your spells. This wand is more of an aphrodisiac than anything that could come out of a cauldron.

Hitachi Magic Wand Original Hv-260, $53, available at Amazon.
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Your favorite inmate from Orange Is The New Black
Disclaimer: Metal handcuffs aren't the most comfortable kind to use during sex play — you're going for restraint, not cut-off circulation — but they'll be the most realistic for a Litchfield-inspired getup. You could always use these for the costume, and then switch to a comfier pair for the after-party.

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Metal Cuffs, $3.45, available at Amazon.
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Alice In Wonderland
Get off with or without head, using one of the best Rabbit models out there — even if the tea you're drinking is more of the Long-Island-Iced variety than the March Hare would serve. A very merry Halloween to you.

Doc Johnson The iVibe Rabbit Rotating Vibrator, $64.98, available at Spencer's.
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Charlotte "Cher" Horowitz
Whether you're channeling Alicia Silverstone's 1995 character or Iggy Azalea's take on the superficial, lovable blonde, pair a hair flip with this flip phone and your outfit is complete. Though you can't call Dionne on this cell, there are a couple of other things you can do with it — and no one will have a clue.

California Exotic Novelties Vibra Phone Massager, $9.38, available at Amazon.
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She's strong, she's sexy, she's independent — and she has a submissive side, too. (When she's finished crushing her enemies, that is.) This mask is party-ready, but we recommend saving the ball gag for after you arrive home.

Adam & Eve Fetish Fantasy Masquerade Mask & Ball Gag, $24.95, available at Adam & Eve.
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Magnum, P.I.
Two words: Moustache ride.

Screaming O MustachiO FUN-Stache, $13.95, available at Screaming O.
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Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn was a lady, and with this prop, you'll at least look like one. Keep it classy with this tube-of-lipstick-that-isn't — and later, repurpose it to scratch your seven-year itch.

Good Vibrations Kiss & Makeup Lipstick Vibrator, $28, available at Good Vibrations.

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