3 More Costars Miley Cyrus Should Date

mileycyruslol-widePhoto: REX USA/Moviestore/Rex.
Miley Cyrus famously fell in love with costar Liam Hemsworth on the set of The Last Song. The two dated on and off for almost four years and were even engaged for 15 months. Now that Miley's a free agent, though, she's can canoodle with anyone her heart desires. Specifically, her former costar Douglas Booth, he of the ideal Euclidean facial symmetry and jawline chiseled by Michelangelo.
According to The Daily Mail, Booth and Cyrus were close on the set of LOL, in which they played best friends turned lovers. They reportedly grew apart when filming ended and Cyrus got engaged to Hemsworth.
This past Friday night everything changed. Booth and Cyrus were spotted "laughing and flirting" with one another at Soho House. Paparazzi even captured the two standing near each other in a bigger group. Surely, they must be doing other things together behind closed doors, sans large group.
Although Cyrus and Booth would make a perfectly fine couple, if she can't stop (she won't stop) dating her costars, we'd rather see her pair up with these former screen-sharers.
Emily Osment
They played best friends on Hannah Montana, and who says that chemistry wouldn't translate to a long-lasting, off-screen romance?
Lucas Till
He's kind of basic, but it'd be nice to see Miley return to her roots and do the hoedown throwdown with a handsome Southern boy.
The Wrecking Ball
How exactly one dates an inanimate object used to destroy buildings we do not know, but we trust Miley to figure out a way.

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