The Relaxed Fit Goes Where Relaxed Fits Have Never Gone Before

We love a good ugly shoe, and we love a good comfort-minded trend, but there are certain lines we cannot cross. The rubber slingback. The five-toe flip flop. Those types of lines.
So, when we encountered the "Relaxed Fit" shoe collection by Skechers, we wondered what side it fell on. On one hand, Skechers is taking advantage of a fashion epoch in which the term "relaxed fit" doesn't sit wholly in the Venn diagram sphere of "totally uncool." In fact, if you're one of us, you're probably favoring your boyfriend, baggy, and Mom jean styles over your skinny ones these days. But, on the other hand? Does one really want a pair of baggy shoes?
Touts Skechers, the shoes are "inspired by the popularity of relaxed fit jeans and designed to offer stylish looks with a roomier construction and enhanced cushioning." Translation: Thinner, man-made materials (so your shoe feels more like a sock than a boot), and a squishy sole for your toes.
The 2012 ad campaign featured Mark Cuban, Joe Montana, and Tommy Lasorda for its men's collection, which is one of the most Dad moves a brand could make. And, considering styles range from suede performance hoofs to casual-wear loafers to hiking clogs, our dads might just have designed them, too. We wouldn't be surprised if there's a deal to buy one and get a free foot-long from Costco. Sorry, Dads, pardon our teasing. Now, hand us the newspaper and turn down the damn television, would ya?

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