Kit Harington Cuts Hair, Universe Implodes

jonsnowPhoto: REX USA/McPix Ltd/Rex.
Update: Stop rationing supplies. Come out of your shelter. It seems like we're all going to be okay. After doing some digging, it looks like Kit Harington didn't actually cut his hair for his role in Testament of Youth. Instead, a resourceful hair team used a wig and pins to create the illusion of short hair. The magic of movies never ceases to amaze us. Please proceed as normal.
There are certain universal truths, that if proven otherwise, would cause our world to crumble. Among them:
1. Love is the answer.
2. Nice guys finish last.
3. Boys smell.
4. Jon Snow has long hair.
That's why, it's with great regret, that we present the trailer for the upcoming wartime love story Testament of Youth, featuring Kit Harington like you've never seen him before. We're not sure what happened to that Game of Thrones hair contract he told us about, but obviously it wasn't strict enough. With filming of set to begin on the fifth season of GoT, Harington has since grown out his signature locks. Still, just knowing that there was a brief moment in time in which Jon Snow had short hair makes us shudder.
Watch the Testament of Youth trailer below, if you must. Ugh.
Photo: REX USA/Stewart Cook.

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