Lady Gaga Wigs Out In NYC

Everyone, gather 'round and witness a wild Lady Gaga in her urban habitat, emerging from her vehicular mode of transportation. Now, don't let the disco-era getup fool you; Gagas are notorious chameleons who change their appearance at a moment's notice. Attentive Gaga-watchers have cited her "Applause" lyric as proof: "One second I'm a Koons, and suddenly the Koons is me!" You can hear its Bowie-like cry from the depths of arenas, from the speakers of middle-American cars, and from the noise-canceling headphones of Monsters on the subway.
Today, dear readers, is a very lucky day. Gaga has donned vintage Dolce & Gabbana, plucked straight from the closet of queen mother Daphne Guinness. The look is Dynasty. The shade, compliments of the wig.
Where this particular species of Gaga is headed remains unclear. Her artRAVE tour has a three-day break and other Gaga sightings have been reported from a beach near San Diego. Dynasty Gaga, however, appears to mainly thrive in the jungle of Manhattan. Figuring out the meaning behind her evolved appearance — the vintage, the wig, the bougie-Studio 54 vibes — will require Gaganthropoligists to put in overtime hours. Her artpop can mean anything — the most we astute observers can do is give her the applause. (It is, after all, what she lives for.) (MTV)
Photos: via @ladygaga.

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