Elle Brought Girl Power Back To Music

Photo: Thomas Whiteside.
The playing field for music is a big one. There always seems to be a new artist, new song, new sound to check out. It gets spun on repeat for a day or two before another one surfaces and takes its place. An artist looking to make their name stick, to really have their vibe break the cycle, has to fight their way through all the other unknowns looking for their respective big breaks. The girls featured in Elle's seventh annual Women In Music issue have done just that — and then some.
The roundup includes a list of dynamic and powerful ladies from Iggy Azalea, Angel Haze, R29's favorite Banks, and Jetta. Eleven diverse women, 11 diverse sounds, and 11 diverse success stories that highlight the music we'll be listening to for months down the road, and months after that, as they continue to produce new material. Some of the women here are new, some are already well established, but all are bringing the girl power back in full, colorful force. Heck, scratch the girl part. Cher made the cut, proving her new single, "Woman's World," is as true as ever.

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