Sex Advice From 2 Ladies Who've Spent 50+ Years Doing It

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A sexual awakening can come at any age. And, in a recent article on Salon, Lynn Brown Rosenberg describes how she had hers at 70. She writes that she spent most of her life being "sexually conservative" — a feeling many women likely experience. But, once Rosenberg discovered her sexuality, it quite literally changed her life. Her story also reminded us of an Esquire piece in which Pauline, a 98-year-old woman, talked about her marriages and lovers. The candid way she discussed what's really important in a relationship was inspiring.
Many people think of senior citizens as non-sexual beings — despite the fact that sex in nursing homes is alive and kickin'. Between these two insightful ladies, there's a few lessons we can learn about sex, love, and what it means to be in touch with your desires. Below, the best advice on exploring your sexuality, straight from Rosenberg, a woman who took 70 years to get there.
It's okay to have a few glasses of wine before an online-dating session
The result? Rosenberg got really into the dirty talk. "I began to go off-script. I was finally getting the hang of this. Our conversations were raw. Graphic. Forbidden. Exciting," she writes.
You'll struggle with the feelings of what you're supposed to do versus what you want to do
Growing up, Rosenberg was taught to think that sex was dirty. "No longer would I be constricted by what I was supposed to think, supposed to do, supposed to feel," she writes of her liberation.
Watch porn
Rosenberg admits that, in addition to her views on casual sex, she wasn't too keen on porn: "I thought people who watched porn were either deviant, desperate, or both." Once she started watching, though, she couldn't help but love it. "Now, those judgments flew out the window. I was ready to stoop." She can't say enough about the way porn helps her orgasm.
Be spontaneous
As in, don't schedule sex. "You don’t say, 'We’re going to have sex on Monday.' No. He might come in from a golf match, all filthy dirty, and then all of a sudden you’re in bed, and you’re having a hell of a time!"
Check out Rosenberg's full piece on Salon. And, then go watch some porn.

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