Lorde Gets Photoshopped, Rags On The Industry Anyway

lorde_embed1Photo: Chris Nicholls/Fashion Magazine.
Earlier this week, Lorde took to Twitter to remind us that she's a real fairy witch human because she embraces her flaws. Today, however, her cover for Canada's Fashion Magazine shows a different story.
Yes, she's been photoshopped. No, no one is offering $10K for un-retouched photos this time around. The Internet, however, is speculating why. The timing of the release and her comments is interesting but purely coincidental. It's not likely she'll denounce her cover and shame the retouching. If you remember, Kate Winslet spoke out against the post-production work done on her Vogue cover last October, but she, unlike Lorde, was photoshopped into an entirely new human being. If Lorde's doing anything, she's likely taking the work done in knowing stride.
"There is a lot of pressure for us to be really positive all the time," she told the magazine. "Every photo shoot I do, I get asked for big smiles, and I shouldn’t have to be that way." Amen, Lorde. Though the photos tell a different story, her outlook on who the industry wants to pigeonhole her into is completely and totally her own. Avant-garde? No, but honest and real.
"We," she says referring to her generation of plugged-in youths, "can sniff out bullsh*t faster."
lorde_embed2Photo: Chris Nicholls/Fashion Magazine.
The full interview can be picked up and read April 14, 2014.

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