How Much Are U.S. Cities Paying For Sex? The Numbers Are In...

paginated-verticalPhoto: Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
If there are any three subjects that get American people all in a tizzy, they're sex, drugs, and guns. But, before we get worked up, let’s look at the facts: Just how much money are we pouring into these taboo industries? The Urban Institute is shedding new light on society’s dirty little secrets with a report on how much scratch various cities dish out for boot-knocking, blow, and Berettas.
If you guessed we're willing to drop the most dough for a little sexy time, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. But, not so fast: All but two metropolitans are spending less on sexual recreations now than they did back in 2003. (Because of Tinder, maybe?) Gun-related spending seems to be hitting a standstill, too. Drug dealers might be reassured to find that their products still inspire the same savings depletion as ever. Check out the full list to see how your city's scandalous spending stacks up. (Gawker)

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