Jennifer Lawrence Just Out-Adorabled Herself In This Red-Carpet Run-In

Okay, please don't be mad. We know we are overly obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence and basically make a scene on a daily basis with our very vocal, public admiration. Rest assured, we are seeking help. But, today, we just couldn't help but share this with you.
She has had more than her fair share of adorable, hilarious on-camera moments, but this is a new high. Seriously, this makes her meeting with Jack Nicholson look like child's play. Lawrence was put in an awkward spot when she found herself in a red-carpet interview right next to Damian Lewis. As a true Homeland super-fan, she got a bit nervous when she had the chance to meet Brody in the flesh. But, wait! Twist! Things took a turn for the worse when, having seen only seasons one and two, she was unwillingly served some season-three spoilers.
Watch and learn, aspiring America's sweethearts, because this is how it's done. Also, forgive us? Oh, and last thing: Spoiler alert, if you, like J.L., are waiting for the third season to come out on DVD.

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