How One Man Lost 37 Pounds Eating Only...McDonald's

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Weight-loss plans rarely include fast-food options. Okay — they never include them. And, for good reason, since drive-thru dinner is a big no-no for those seeking a healthy lifestyle, never mind those on a quest for a smaller waistline. So, when we heard that John Cisna, a science teacher from Iowa, reportedly lost 37 pounds eating only McDonald's for three months, we had but one question: What does it mean?
Apparently, a group of Cisna's students helped him plan out a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet plan. The only rule? Every meal he eats must come from the fast-food chain. The students also avoided (where possible) excess intake of carbs, proteins, fat calories, and cholesterol. We know what you're thinking: He probably didn't eat anything but salads with no dressing. But, Cisna's diet was quite varied. He typically ate breakfast in the form of two egg white delights, a bowl of maple oatmeal, and low-fat milk; a salad for lunch; and a value meal (think Big Macs) for dinner. Plus, he indulged in sundaes for dessert. On top of his diet, Cisna started exercising, walking for 45 minutes every day. Not only did he see an amazing drop in weight, but his cholesterol levels fell, too (from 249 to 170). Again, we ask, what does it mean?
Oh, and the owner of the local McDonald's franchise was so encouraged by the project that he gave Cisna all the food for free. Can you think of any diet that's free? In response to his experiment, the teacher told local TV station KCCI, "It's our choices that make us fat. Not McDonald's." It remains to be seen if he will see any negative effects from his diet. What will happen, for example, when he decides to eat something McDonald's doesn't offer. And, even though his weight and cholesterol are down, is consistent consumption of processed foods good for your overall health?
Maybe it's the added exercise. Maybe it's the strict adherence to a 2,000-calorie regimen. The fact of the matter is this man is thinner and healthier for having devoted his diet to Ronald. And, we remain speechless. (Time)

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