The Kid From Jerry Maguire Turns 23 Today...We Feel Old

42-46729960Photo: Jared Milgrim/Corbis.
From teaching us that both dogs and bees can smell fear, to his knowledge of the weight of the human head, Jonathan Lipnicki really helped expand our minds with his portrayal of Ray Boyd in Jerry Maguire — that, and the fact that he was definitely the cutest kid we'd ever seen. Today, he turns 23, which initially felt confusing to us, as we could've sworn he was still five with spiky-gelled hair, glasses, and chubby little cheeks.
But, then we remembered that Peter Pan's not real, and no one can be a little kid forever (at least, physically speaking). Take a look at full-grown Lipnicki (above) — he's quite a sight for sore eyes! (Also, um: abs. Please note the abs.) On another note: Is it just us or is it kind of strange that he's the same age as Jennifer Lawrence?

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