Rihanna In The Real World: Cosmo's Editors Try RiRi's Wild Looks

rihanna-workPhoto: Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.
What would happen if we all suddenly went to work dressed like Rihanna? The editors of Cosmopolitan wanted to find out, so they took a page from the "Diamonds" singer's style notebook and copied a few of her most iconic looks.
Senior editor Michelle Ruiz did a subtle imitation, merely stealing Rihanna's pearly oversized sunglasses, while beauty and fashion editor Carly Cardellino perfectly captured her double-jeans look.
Writer Anna Breslaw donned RiRi's famous "Slutz" top and had this to say: "Dressing like Rihanna is like getting your first period. While vaguely uncomfortable with your blossoming body, you are truly awed by the mixed blessing of womanhood. Also, it reminded me why doing crunches regularly is stupid-important: You never know when your job will require you to put on a skintight crop-top that features a risqué play on a popular kosher-pretzel company." Noted.
And associate web editor Dara Adeeyo tried out Rihanna's rather revealing white mesh shorts and top (which appears to be entirely see-through on RiRi, from what we can tell). "I figured, if Rihanna could do it, I could do it," she said. "But um, it's def not NSFW. When I walked outside, a woman said, 'Mmm. Not the place for this.'"
So it looks like we'll be leaving the mesh shirts and "Slutz" shirts to the singing superstar after all. (Cosmopolitan)

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