Disney Princesses Swap Outfits With Their Men

1Photo: Via Mashable
We don't want to get down on Disney, but there's no denying that its movies' gender roles are, well, traditional. The animated flicks love a good damsel in distress almost as much as they love a strong, powerful man prince. So, to challenge the Disney status quo, artist Haruki Godo took on a project that switched things up a bit. She created drawings of our favorite Disney princesses, but dressed them up in the garb of their leading men instead.
Ariel swaps out her mermaid tail for Prince Eric's seafaring captain's uniform. Jasmine gets to shed her belly dancer ensemble for fancy sultan's robes. And, Meg dresses in Hercules' gladiator oufit. In our humble opinion, the ladies look just as stunning in these outfits as they do in their more traditional costumes. In fact, we'd love to see this role reversal thing go a step further into actual animated territory. Haruki, if you're reading this, you've got a hit on your hands. (Mashable)

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