Stacy Keibler Got A Glam New Makeover

staceyikPhoto: Courtesy of Line Magazine.
As much as we don't like to define a woman by the man she's with, it's true that Stacy Keibler is best known these days for being George Clooney's former main squeeze. And, as The Cut points out, when you're coming out of a relationship that made you famous without much more to go on in the name recognition department, you have a bit of a hard road ahead if you want to stay relevant in Hollywood. Keibler, also a former wrestler and host of a new show entitled Supermarket Superstar, has recently undergone a fancy-shmancy makeover for Line magazine. And when we say fancy, we mean it. Though she's not a bad dresser, she's never exactly been a fashion icon — so we were (pleasantly!) surprised to see her looking both lovely and interesting on this cover. Of course, the credit goes to great stylists, makeup artists, and some unnamed genius who had the idea to dye her hair a gorgeous, nuanced shade of brown. Glossy, refined, with a touch of edge? Sounds like a recipe for a killer new look to us. High five, whoever you are... (Line)

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