Our Guide To S.F.’s Storied Chinatown — Get Excited

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    Fun fact: Did you know S.F. houses the largest and oldest Chinatown in the whole U.S.? That's right San Franciscans, be proud, because that’s a pretty big deal. And, while the expansive neighborhood is about as authentic as they come, we'll admit that we don’t wander around the lantern-laden hills as much as we’d like.

    With such a wealth of cultural offerings, we’d be there every day if we knew exactly where to go — it’s the best kind of sensory overload. So, from quirky kite stores to dim sum that will blow your mind, this curated list of must-hit spots are the next best thing to hopping a plane east. Have at it, pocket that airfare money, and rest assured that these picks will bring you more than enough good fortune. Time to get lucky!

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    Photographed by Ashley Batz

    Photographed by

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