See How Celebs Take On The TSA In This Entertaining Tumblr

Sure, celebrities can throw down a few extra bucks to secure a first-class seat or entrance to swanky airport lounges, but money doesn't buy them love at those dreaded TSA security checks: Just because their carry-ons boast Louis Vuitton or Missoni tags, doesn't mean those LAX agents are going to dole out the A-list treatment. Because, as evidenced by this hilarious Tumblr, Celebrities Vs. The TSA, award winners are subject to the same travel frustrations as the rest of us.
The blog's author doesn't shy away from poking fun and making some LOL-worthy pop culture references. In Rachel Bilson's case, the caption reads: "Actress Rachel Bilson is a cutie-pie but she also could be a dangerous terrorist. That’s why she gets the full TSA treatment just like the rest of us." And, we couldn't stop giggling when we scrolled to Heather Graham's photo with the description: "TSA agents didn’t see enough of Heather Graham’s naked body in Boogie Nights so they put her in the full-body scanner at LAX on Oct. 20, 2012."
Trust, no one is safe from the TSA, or this blogger's pithy banter: KStew, Kanye, and Courtney Love all fall victim to the postings — we see it as a matter of time before this site scores a book deal. (Celebrities Vs. The TSA)
Photo: Via Celebrities Vs. The TSA

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