The Best Way To Live Large In The Hamptons This Summer, Bouvier Beale Style

Sorry, Highclere Castle! Wealthy Americans in search of a ridiculously prestigious rental property need no longer flee to Great Britain to find luxe digs steeped in history and pop culture. Of course, luxury might not be the first word that jumps to mind when you think of the infamous Grey Gardens documentary. But, don't worry — the manse been cleaned up since Big and Little Edie's days, and now it's available to rent at the unbeatable price of $125,000 for June and July.
Of course, as the Corcoran listing so wisely points out, "history can never be truly owned, but you can rent a piece of it this year." The home, originally built in 1897, is now complete with tennis courts, a pool...and it's certifiably cat-free. No more cats is generally something we'd consider to be a bad thing, but when it comes to real estate, it's probably for the best. The Georgica Beach mansion is now in pristine condition and ready to host, we hope, some truly ridiculous parties on the behalf of an anonymous, fabulously wealthy benefactor come summer. Our only concern? It's just got to be haunted, right? (Gothamist)
Photos: Courtesy of Corcoran.

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