Buckle Up! These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Songs To Drive To

We've always considered the Black Eyed Peas a risky playlist choice, but not quite like this. Recently, a study revealed that their "Hey Mama" tops the list of the 10 most dangerous songs for driving. Along with the Pea's 2004 hit are Fallout Boy's "Dead On Arrival" (appropriate), M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" (aw, nuts), G'N'R's "Paradise City" (understandable), and "Get Rhythm" by Johnny Cash (wha?). Frankly, we would have expected more Skrillex on this list, but we're no experts on traffic safety.
Now don't go thinking there's something specific about the Black Eyed Peas that makes people drive into walls (though we could certainly understand why they would want to). No, this list is a result of a study conducted by personal-finance site Confused.com, which monitored several crucial factors in driver performance — acceleration, late breaking, and so on — when subjects were listening to a variety of music genres. It comes as little surprise that dance music, heavy metal, and other high-intensity, quick-tempoed styles led to fast and sloppy driving. Why exactly songs from 2004 where so dangerous we may never know. Interestingly, classical music also led to dangerous, erratic driving — so turn down the Bach, you crazies.
The takeaway is pretty straightforward: Mellow, temperate music corresponds with focused, safe driving, and loud, manic music corresponds with dangerous driving. Maybe the songs cause people to drive poorly or maybe Fallout Boy fans are just naturally crappy behind the wheel (we'd believe either). Whatever the case, we'd think long and hard before getting in the passenger seat of a ride blasting "Hey Mama" for many, many reasons. (Confused.com)
Video: Via YouTube

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