Blech Alert: Jewelry Made From Human Bones And Hair

For those who want something even more macabre than Pamela Love's animal claw jewelry, there are a few retailers who are specializing in making jewelry out of human remains. Using finger, toe, and wrist bones, Churchyard sells pendants out of human bones jazzed up with quartz, rubies, and garnets that put each piece around $100 a pop. Using human bones if legal, as long as the remains come within the United States. Want something a little less "Hey guys I'm wearing fingers around my neck"? Design student Anna Schwamborn has also created jewelry made of real human hair and cremated ashes that she mixes with black bone china. There is a ton of spiritual and cultural significance that comes from wearing human remains, but the thought of accessorizing with things made from dead people make us feel a little too much like Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs. We'll pass. (Via Funeralwise and Dezeen)

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