Trends That Went Viral (But Shouldn't Have)

When spotted on a celeb or printed in an mag, even the most questionable of trends can climb the ranks, achieving "viral" status just as any YouTube video or summer anthem might. We've all caught the bug at some point. And lived to regret it.
Thankfully, we've moved past the days of Lycra gauchos, platform flip flops, and too-literal fur toppers, but as the old adage says, if we don't learn from our past, we're bound to repeat it. So, in the interest of public service, we're revisiting 10 once-on-fire trends that we hope to never see again.
Reminisce a bit with the following 10 trends, and tell us, what viral fashion trends have we left off the list?
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Drop-Crotch Pants — The phenomenon that was the loose-fit-hip/tight-fit-leg pant was a somewhat recent occurrence in '10 and '11. However, we soon learned that even women with the fittest of bods couldn't make a saggy seat look chic.

P.S. Let's not forget this scary extreme.

Shape Shifter Drop Crotch Long John, $35.80 (originally $179), available at Amélie Boutique.
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Von Dutch Hats — One can easily correlate the appearance of Von Dutch trucker hats around 2003 to the on-air debut of Punk'd. Thanks, but no thanks, Kutcher.

Von Dutch Originals Chris Cap, $9.99, available at Shop Hydra.
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Spirit Hoods — The extra-fuzzy head gear makes a little more sense if, like Ke$ha, you actually did brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack. But for the rest of us, not even the multi-platinum selling pop star's personal endorsement could convince us to actually wear one. Even if you did try it (maybe just once), let's all hope the Spirit Hood's time has come and gone...tik tok.

Spirit Hoods Nasty Rabbit, $139, available at Spirit Hoods.
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Stretchy Gauchos — While gauchos are typically considered a trend of the '60s, these Lycra spandex versions were, for a short time, a staple of the 21st century. Tightly hugging your body, falling right below the knee in a bell-shaped leg, these gauchos were a body's worst enemy. Was anyone else temporarily convinced these were flattering?

AGB Foldover Waist Gauchos, $29.99 (originally $38), available at Macy’s.
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Belly Chains — We'll admit it: We kind of liked Beyoncé's link love when she sported a chain over her pregnant belly at the beach last September. But, we'll admire from afar if that's what it takes to make sure this trend doesn't catch on quite like it did when Britney, Christina, and Jessica still topped the pop charts.

Belle Noel By Kim Kardashian Honey Hexagon Station Belly Chain, $65, available at Designs By Stephene.
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Embellished-Booty Denim — These jeans possibly worked better back in their heyday when we matched them with a rhinestone-encrusted logo tee. But no more.

Miss Me Jeans Wing-Pocket Bootcut Jeans, $104, available at Dillard’s.
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Platform Flip Flops — Oft accompanied by the aforementioned stretchy gaucho, these elevated slip-ons served as the resort footwear of choice for many women. The craze died down and we suspect it had something to do with the poor aesthetics and overall risk factor of these clunky, chunky sandals.

Colin Suart Print Flip-flop, $25, available at Victoria’s Secret.
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Foxtails — Louis Vuitton introduced colorful foxtails in his spring '10 collection of handbags, and soon the trend was popping up in stores and spotted on bloggers and hipsters alike. But, you tell us: Doesn't a bodiless foxtail hanging from your side make you feel just a little sad?

Horse+Nail Red Fox Tail Tassel, $84, available at Stephanie Bags.
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Terrycloth —This material most certainly has its place, but it's not on our clothes. Perhaps it was seen as the lighter, summery sister of the early-2000 velour addiction (the Juicy Couture track suit famously went viral thanks to Madonna, who the matchy-matchy set was first made for, with a little help from Paris Hilton), but terry hoodies, dresses, and even handbags were much better left in the washroom.

Delia's Stripe Terry Cloth Romper, $29.50, available at Delia's.
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Sweater Mukluks — Blame it on Snooki for showing us that slippers can be worn outside the home — these knitted mukluks come in a close second to the reality star's famous pink fuzzies, on our list of no-nos. While these seemingly hefty shoes were possible a good winter solution for those on the run, they actually offered no protection and made the unfortunate wearers smell like wet sweater all day long.

Delia's Mukluk Cable Sweater Boot, $29.99 (originally $59.99), available at Delia’s.