4 BaubleBar Jewelry Trends That'll Make You Fall Hard

Photo: Courtesy of BaubleBar.
If style's a crime, BaubleBar's the ultimate accessory, with all the latest and greatest jewelry trends. We're teaming up with them to give one lucky winner a $1,000 shopping spree for everything bling. Whether you're classic or trendy, minimal or an arm party animal, you're sure to find your new favorite pieces. Enter here if you're ready to put a ring, necklace, bracelet, you-name-it on it, and keep reading for a sneak peek at this fall's hottest jewelry trends.

Autumn's the time for more: more layers, more accessories, and more style! These four jewelry trends from BaubleBar will keep you looking cool through sweater weather and beyond. Click through, and be prepared to fall hard.
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Photo: Courtesy of BaubleBar.

Think resort chic is just for summer? This glitzy tassel necklace says, "Phuket about it!" The white and silver tones pop against darker fall colors and look great against bare skin, too. You'll be hanging on to this piece for quite some time.

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Photo: Courtesy of BaubleBar.

This atom-shaped stunner boldly goes where no ring has gone before — around a bunch of other rings. It also has all the elements to be your new favorite piece: versatility, elegance, and a chic nod to geek. Wear long and prosper!
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Photo: Courtesy of BaubleBar.
Jewel Tones

Dress up gray days (and clothing) with this stunning matte metal bib necklace, available in red or green. And, no fashion victims here! The dreamcatcher-inspired gem is surprisingly light, so you'll turn heads without getting a pain in the neck.
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Photo: Courtesy of BaubleBar.

Nature-inspired jewelry doesn't have to be crunchy. This collar necklace balances organic and glam with three quartz crystals on bold gold. You know you wanna rock it.

Fall so hard, and fashionistas will find you to ask where you got these amazing pieces. You'll say, "BaubleBar" — but if you're really lucky, you'll add, "I won this in a shopping spree!" Enter now!