Here's What You Should Make For Dinner Tonight

Figuring out what you're going to eat for dinner is one of those mundane parts of adulthood no one warns you about. Sure, you're free to eat ice cream any time (and sometimes you do!), but being in charge of your own meals every day can get exhausting.

Which is why we're appealing to a higher power — meet the fortune-teller that will divine your culinary destiny. As kids, we depended on fortune-tellers (or "cootie catchers") to tell us everything we needed to know (for a more detailed prediction, you'd have to play MASH). Of course, our parents were responsible for dinner back then, so we never thought to ask the origami game what we should eat.

But this specially designed fortune-teller knows exactly what you should make for dinner — all you have to do is ask. Simply save and print the image below and fold it up (check out this tutorial if you need a refresher, just be sure to fold with the printed side facing down to start). You'll never wonder what to eat again.

Click through to see the recipes the fortune-teller reveals — or you could always take fate into your own hands and pick for yourself.