12 Crazy-Cool Wedding Venues

Photo: Courtesy of the New York Public Library.
One of the first pieces of the wedding-planning puzzle is finding the perfect venue. Once that's set aside, booking the photographer, caterer, and other high-priority items becomes much easier. But, let's not forget that finding a venue can be the biggest challenge. It needs to fit your time frame, budget, and overall vision. Anyone who's searched for the perfect wedding spot can tell you: It ain't easy.

One of the biggest pressures of finding a venue is choosing one that'll make your big day stand out. If you're the type who wants to wow your guests, check out these incredibly fun and unexpected venues that could be the unforgettable space you're looking for.

From a romantic underground wine cellar in Napa to an architectural gem of a chapel in the Ozarks, these are some of our favorite wedding venues across the country.

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Photo: Courtesy of Evergreen Memorial Park.
The Barn At Evergreen Memorial Park
Located in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado, this rustic barn boasts stunning boho touches like stained-glass windows. It’s perfect for the couple looking to embrace the outdoors and put a unique twist on a barn wedding.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hans Fahden Vineyards.
The Wine Cellar At Hans Fahden Vineyards
Sure, you’ve heard of a winery wedding…but what about a wedding in a wine cave? A wine cellar at Hans Fahden Vineyards is an intimate, unforgettable place for your Napa wedding reception.
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Photo: Courtesy of Treehouse Point.
Treehouse Point
Get married in a verdant forest canopy with this one-of-a-kind wedding venue just outside of Seattle. Your guests will remember your wedding for years to come.
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Photo courtesy of Big Daddy’s Antiques.
Big Daddy’s Antiques
For the vintage-loving couple, Big Daddy’s Antiques in S.F. & L.A. is a whimsical and fun venue. Bonus: With all the antiques in the store, you won’t have to do much decorating.
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Photo: Courtesy of Shelter Co.
Shelter Co.
Love the idea of having rustic tents and teepees at your wedding day? Set up a boho, glamping-themed wedding anywhere with this rentals company.
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Photo: Courtesy of Thorncrown Chapel.
Thorncrown Chapel
The stunning architecture and woodland setting makes this one-of a kind chapel in the Ozarks a memorable ceremony spot.
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Photo: Courtesy Hicksville Trailer Palace.
Hicksville Trailer Palace
Yes, it’s technically a trailer park, but the retro details and luxe amenities make this Palm Springs venue a quirky-cool wedding location for a fun-loving couple.
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Photo: Courtesy of Korakia Pesione.
Korakia Pensione
Step into this luxe Palm Springs Hotel, and you’ll feel like you’ve just traveled to Morocco. With the intricate architecture, bougainvillea-covered walls, and candle-lit pathways, what’s not to love?
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Photo: Courtesy of Cathedral Park.
Under A Bridge At Cathedral Park
This jaw-dropping park in Oregon is like a stunning outdoor church. It goes without saying that your wedding-day pictures will be amazing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Wayfarer Chapel.
Wayfarer Chapel
Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this architectural gem hidden in the Redwoods is a quintessentially Californian venue.
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Photo: Courtesy of Barnsley Resort.
The Romantic Ruins At Barnsley Resort
Getting married among ruins might not sound like your cup of tea, but we bet you’ll quickly change your mind once you see the gothic, romantic venue at Barnsley Resort.
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Photo: Courtesy of the New York Public Library.
The New York Public Library
There’s a reason Carrie Bradshaw was dead-set on getting married at the New York Public Library. The beaux-arts architecture and rich history of this New York landmark make it an instant choice for a memorable venue.