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Are Your Skin-Care Products Too Serious?

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    From foaming cleansers to activated charcoal masks, we're forever slathering on the newest promising potions in our quest for clear, bright skin. Luckily, Marta Wohrle of the truthful and unbiased Truth in Aging has gathered a community of both men and women to test products (for 30 days, no less!) and subsequently offer totally real assessments on their findings. Yep — Marta's fearless quest for a perfect visage is totally something we can get behind.
    Do you really need a heavy-hitting product? Or, will a lightweight essential do? At 54, I certainly need some heavy hitters — but I can make expensive products last longer by alternating with a maintenance product. After several months with a serious anti-ager, I can sometimes afford a little break; I will invariably end up going back, but at least my credit card gets a respite for the time being. Here are some of my favorite refresh-and-repair combos (rest assured that even my lightweight essentials pack a punch beyond their weight class).

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