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Peep This Artist's Dreamy Brooklyn Brownstone

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    Photo: Courtesy of The Glow.



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    In 2011, before BFFs Kelly Stuart and Violet Gaynor had kids of their own, they launched The Glow — a glimpse into the world of inspiring, stylish moms. Swoon with us as we thumb through the archives in preparation for their next venture: an equally addictive book that'll feel right at home on your coffee table.

    The second you step into Jade Berreau’s Brooklyn brownstone, a feeling of calm washes over you. The vibrating, sometimes maddening buzz of New York melts away. In its place is the sound of old Jazz records wafting through the light-filled space. The Paris-born, Manhattan-raised artist and photo editor is busier than ever — in addition to her own photography, she's working on the autumn launch of a new magazine, Let’s Panic.

    The at-home world she's created for her daughter (father is the late artist Dash Snow) is steeped in warmth and affection. Snow's spirit is felt at every turn, with family photos and pieces of his artwork scattered throughout the three floors. Not surprisingly, Secret’s room — filled with plush stuffed animals, draped silk, and whimsical music boxes — is the most magical part of the house.

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