See How This Stylish NYC Designer-Mom Lives

In 2011, before BFFs Kelly Stuart and Violet Gaynor had kids of their own, they launched The Glow — a glimpse into the world of inspiring, stylish moms. Swoon with us as we thumb through the archives in preparation for their next venture: an equally addictive book that'll feel right at home on your coffee table.
With her enviable style and keen eye for cool design, it's no wonder that Eleanor Ylvisaker has been making her mark on the fashion industry for more than a decade. After stints at Harper's Bazaar and Lucky, the born-and-bred New Yorker made the leap from editor to entrepreneur when she co-founded the luxe denim brand Earnest Sewn. Now a mom of two, Ylvisaker’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor is her most groundbreaking to date.
Noticing that there was a void in the world of well-crated online shopping, she and longtime friend Ferebee Taube decided to remedy the situation by creating a Pandora-like digital technology. Feyt, which officially launched just in time for New York Fashion Week, is a glossy, intuitive experience offering a covetable mix of shoppable clothing and accessories. While the long hours and high-stress involved in launching a startup may not seem conducive to motherhood, along with her partner and fellow mom, Ylvisaker and Taube are proving that running a business and raising a family can happily coexist.