Meet Roo, The Pup Who Hops Like A Kangaroo

By Anna Swartz

Roo may be a five-month-old puppy, but she's been mistaken for a bouncy marsupial more than once. With no front legs, she's learned to hop around on her two back ones, just like her namesake, the kangaroo.

Born in Romania, Roo was only 16 weeks-old when she was taken in by Safe Rescue for Dogs, a U.K. charity that re-homes canines, many who need special medical care and attention. 

By the time she arrived at the rescue, Roo had already figured out how to get around using only her hind legs.

"She didn't stop jumping around, and her favorite trick was to bounce off the sofa onto the other dogs," Kelly Hare, the cofounder and director of Safe Rescue for Dogs, told the Telegraph. "She has never known life with four legs so it's not like she looks at other dogs and wishes she had four legs. She's just making the best of what she has and doing a fine job of it."  

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