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How This Blogger Nails The Minimalist Look

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    The folks over at The Coveteur love playing to our voyeuristic side, and each week, the OG closet invaders will let us peek into the designer-laden digs of their — and our! — favorite tastemakers. Just one warning: The lust-worthy displays may cause an undying impulse to hang your jewels on your kitchen sink’s faucet. Now, let the swooning begin!
    We've covered the impeccably well edited, the unabashed magpie maximalists, and just about everyone else in between (from those who wear all-black-and-white-everything to borderline dominatrices). And, while we like to think we have a little soft spot for all of them, there's just something about a fellow (or Ph-ellow?) Philophile that makes for one seriously envy-inspiring (and potentially, uh, kleptomania-inducing) closet. Or, in the case of Oracle Fox's Mandy Shadforth, her suitcase. But, truth be told, we're really not all that picky when it comes to copious amounts of Céline — that Shadforth could fit it all on a trans-Oceanic flight was devotion enough to the Church of Phoebe.

    Aside from pretty much pioneering the whole sparse-yet-immaculate, Givenchy-laden Instagram thing, in just a few short years, with the help of her Oz-based blog, Shadforth has made the shift from contemporary artist to personal style blogger, digital strategist and creative consultant. Impressive, right? Oh, and aside from stacked CV, Shadforth also creates the kind of expertly curated content that virtually makes or breaks what we define as Pinterest porn. We can totally just chalk this up as an Australian thing, right?

    In digging through her travel wardrobe of all-Céline-everything (seriously, we're talking about a Ramya Giangola-level obsession, here), including some of Philo's most architectural creations, we also unearthed a few non-Philo stamped gems. Among them? A crackled leather Balenciaga top and the camo Proenza Schouler clutch we spent all of last season stalking across the World Wide Web. That said, it was kind of comforting to learn that Shadforth has put in her fair share of, ahem, late nights trawling the 'net. "Inspiration is everywhere and that’s why the internet is so powerful for artists. I can't tell you how many times I have stayed awake until 3 a.m. glued to my laptop looking at beautiful images and editorials.” So it’s not really that bad that that sounds all too familiar, right?

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