Take Notes: Nicole Warne Has Parisian-Chic Covered

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    The folks over at The Coveteur love playing to our voyeuristic side, and each week, the OG closet invaders will let us peek into the designer-laden digs of their — and our! — favorite tastemakers. Just one warning: The lust-worthy displays may cause an undying impulse to hang your jewels on your kitchen sink’s faucet. Now, let the swooning begin!

    Say what you want about her slightly scratch-your-head moniker — we shamefully asked the whole “Who is Gary Pepper?” question when we caught up with Warne in Florence — but this girl has got it down pat. Cupcakes & Cashmere? Fashion Toast? Peace Love Shea? The Coveteur? Tomatoe, to-mah-toe? You get the point; you can’t judge a book by its cover. When Warne launched her eBay store, Gary Pepper Vintage, she seemingly started a blog to connect with her customers. It’s one of those enviable work-hard-‘til-you-make-it stories — she busted her butt balancing a full-time job, studies and two internships at Grazia and Harper’s Bazaar Australia while working on this strictly as a passion project. Fast-forward a short while later to when she was being whisked away by Louis Vuitton for a project in Shanghai, shooting the cover of Miss Vogue Australia and being signed to IMG Talent Management as their first blogger... ever. “I’m definitely counting my blessings every day,” she confessed.

    Warne is the girl you right-click, Save As a photo of when you see her on Style.com and the girl you want to dance the night away with at a party (which we totally did on the last night of LuisaViaRoma’s #Firenze4Ever!) We have to admit that upon meeting her, we were slightly taken aback by her oh-so-Aussie accent as she dresses the part of a poised Parisian — the kind that would run with the likes of some fancy French editor, Gaia Repossi or Caroline de Maigret. “I secretly wish I was a Parisian,” she joked. Does it sound like we have one of those embarrassing school-girl crushes? Meet her...then talk to us.

    Click through for Nicole's fab style rules!

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