An Airbrush Brand’s Best No-Airbrush-Needed Makeup

In the beauty industry, “airbrushing” usually refers to a Photoshop effect used to make a person’s skin look incredibly smooth. However, for some makeup artists — and a few hardcore beauty junkies — it has a more literal meaning.
TEMPTU is a brand that uses airbrush technology — not unlike the kind that made your favorite personalized T-shirt that one summer on the boardwalk — to apply their makeup products, the majority of which come in “AIRpod” form. You simply snap one of the futuristic foundations, highlighters, or blush pods into the machine, and ready, aim, spray.
With practice, the results can be amazing — natural-looking and beautifully blended. But, let’s not kid ourselves: Most of us aren’t going to invest $200 or more in the whole air-compression shebang. Plus, it takes quite a bit of time to master the technique without looking overly "done."
Luckily, you could get some of the same benefits by using Temptu's other makeup products — no airbrush machine required. Read on for some of our favorite picks.
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Photo: Via Temptu.
Base Smooth & Matte Primer
You don’t need to follow this flaw-diffusing primer with airbrush-applied makeup for it to be effective. Shine-reducing and non-greasy, it’s an ideal first step for any skin type. It even has an attached brush for even application.
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Photo: Via Temptu.
Undereye Concealer
Temtpu's foundation provides awesome coverage. But, we can all agree it’s not wise to spray anything directly at your eyes — hence, this stick concealer. The eight shades are made with light-reflecting diamond dust, and the hydrating ingredients prevent it from settling into fine lines.
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Photo: Via Temptu.
S/B Blush
You can apply this silicone-based liquid blush with a sponge, brush, or even your fingertips. It has been formulated for buildable intensity, so it’s almost impossible to mess up — especially since the four colors it comes in look amazing on a variety of skin tones. (Plus, there are four solid options that are bound to suit any complexion.)
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Photo: Via Temptu.
S/B Highlighter
Very similar to the S/B Blush, this liquid formula is super versatile. In addition to applying one of its lighter shades as a highlighter, feel free to use one of the darker hues to contour, or as a bronzer. Hey, why not wear it as eyeshadow, too? Totally doable.
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Photo: Via Temptu.
Invisible Difference Finishing Powder
While this loose powder is the perfect companion to Airpod foundation, its mattifying, oil-absorbing effects work wonderfully over any foundation — or even bare skin.
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Photo: Via Temptu.
Retouch Powder
Available in even more shades than the Invisible Difference Finishing Powder, this pocket applicator makes it easy to erase shine whenever it strikes, thanks to a built-in brush.
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