Summer Wedding Secrets From Celebrity Party Planner Mindy Weiss

With wedding season in full swing, we thought this was the perfect time to introduce you to L.A.'s best wedding planner: Mindy Weiss. This legend may have a client roster that reads like a Hollywood power list, but just because she's responsible for Nicole Richie's nuptials, Gwen and Gavin's gorgeous wedding, and Katy and Russell's Indian I Do's doesn't mean that this all-star event expert doesn't have some tips for the rest of us on how to create an elegant summer wedding without going into debt. And while you can check out her website, book, and app to get some A-list advice, we thought we'd go directly to the source and get Mindy's top five summer wedding secrets to ensure that you tie the knot in style on your special day.
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Summer wedding secret #1: "Even though you are expecting warm, wonderful weather, always have a rainy-day plan!"

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Summer wedding secret #2: "It’s wonderful to provide a parasol or even a fan when having outdoor weddings. At the end of the day, you want your guests to remember how amazing—and not how hot—the day was."

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Summer wedding secret #3: "If the weather on your wedding day is warm, have a non-alcoholic beverage (lemonade, sweet tea, and always water) for your guests to enjoy while they wait for the ceremony to begin."

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Summer wedding secret # 4: "If you plan on having an outdoor sunset ceremony, check the sunset schedules as they change based on the time of year. If your outdoor ceremony is on the beach, be sure and check the tide schedules. Trust me on this one, somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific is one of my chuppahs!"

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Summer wedding secret #5: "Remember to place your flowers out as late as possible, so that the sun does not drain them of their natural beauty."