Your Summer-Beauty Shopping List

Is it just us, or are you also ready to throw in the towel on your summer beauty routine? Melting makeup, out-of-control frizz, and seriously parched skin are just a few things on our list of beauty woes, and as the temperature rises, it's only going to get worse. So, how do we deal?
Simple: Just take a peek at the of-the-moment beauty products hitting shelves right now. Whether it's your new favorite moisturizer, the orange lipstick that looks good on everyone, or a cheeky fragrance we can't wait to spritz on, the 13 rad products ahead help address all of your summer woes in style. So, don't worry — we'll all get through this heat together.
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Hair oil is pretty much essential to get that summer shine all season. But, we tend to overdo it when it comes to the regular pump bottles. Suave's version is housed in a spray bottle, making even distribution insanely easy. Plus, it's infused with macadamia oil to help add some sheen and strengthen hair.
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Sure, argan oil is typically used to help hydrate your strands, but the stuff also kills it when it comes to moisturizing your skin. Josie Maran's moisturizer is chemical-free and keeps your face supple all day. Plus, it's got an SPF of 47 to protect you against UVA and UVB rays. We call that a win-win.
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Not quite pink and not quite purple, Julep's Ramona may be the most perfect shade for summer. The dusty hue is neutral enough, but it still packs a huge punch. And, it's fast drying, so you don't have to sit around waiting for your polish to harden when you're itching to get outside.
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Lip-balm fanatics, prepare to meet your new obsession. Kari Gran's lip whip is intensely moisturizing, which is perfect for the toasty days of summer. Bonus: It also works well as a base for your favorite lip color, so your mouth stays hydrated under your pigment.
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A lip and skin balm may seem like a no-brainer in the winter, but it's actually pretty important in the warmer temps, too — especially when you're traveling. The circulated air in planes totally sucks the moisture out of your skin, but this little beaut from RMS Beauty helps things to feel soft again.
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If you haven't jumped on the hyaluronic-acid train, Dr. Dennis Gross' moisture cushion is a great place to start. Unlike a heavy, cream moisturizer, this gel formulation penetrates quickly and keeps your skin hydrated all day. It won't sit on top of your skin, which means you won't have melting-face-syndrome come midday — well, at least not from your lotion.
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The problem with a lot of brow products? Get your face wet and they start melting and migrating down your visage. But, MAC has your solution — an entire line dedicated to waterproofing your set. Cara Delevingne, we'll see you at the beach.
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Antioxidants are exactly what your skin needs to help it stay defended against environmental factors. And, with all the time we spend outside in the warmer months, we need all the help we can get. Slather on this serum day and night, and you'll instantly see the difference in your skin. Pinky swear.
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You officially can stop complaining that you can't find an orange lipstick that works for your skin tone. Lipstick Queen's Jungle Queen is insanely flattering on everyone. And, since it's semi-sheer, it won't be overwhelming if you're still a little gun-shy.
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Being able to say you smell like sex has some obvious (and hilarious) advantages, but Desigual's new fragrance is more than a punch line. With notes of soy, sambac jasmine, tuberose, and wood, it's an ultimate summer fragrance without being overtly floral.
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Whenever a moisturizer claims to give a bronze-y glow, we immediately raise our eyebrows. Why? They tend to look a little cheesy once applied. So, when we gave Jane Iredale's lotion a test-drive, we were instantly smitten. This product works on both your face and your body and gives you a gorgeous glow that doesn't make you look like you just rolled around naked in a vat of glitter.

Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion, $32, available May 19th at Jane Iredale.
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Seriously, we could just sit here and stare at the gorgeousness that is Tom Ford's Unabashed Eye and Cheek Compact. But, it's more than just a pretty face. The shadow hues are super-saturated, while the blush and contour give you that enviable glow we're all chasing this time of year. We thank you, Tom Ford.
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The sun can take a serious toll on your strands, which is why they require a little extra TLC in the summer. Enter: Mineral Fusion's Hair Repair Beauty Balm. A potent cocktail of hair savers, this cream contains frizz fighters and heat protectants, and it helps amp up your style.
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Take everything you know about sunscreen and chuck it out the window. L'Occitane's Jenipapo Body Jelly Milk applies like a creamy moisturizer, and it doesn't leave behind any greasy residue. But, it's the fact that it doesn't smell anything like a sun protectant that has us sold. The floral scent is so hypnotizing and lovely, you'll have to remind yourself that this product has an SPF of 20.
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