Shani's 10 Must-Have Beauty Products For Summer

It's no secret that winter and Chicagoans' beauty routines aren't friends. We live for summer, with its sunny days, street fairs, patios, and endless outdoor fun. But, with the change in the weather comes the need for a total overhaul of our medicine cabinets. Living in a city with actual seasons (yay, us!), means that our skin, hair, and bodies have different needs right now than they did during the frosty months.
While we swear by our beauty favorites, both old and new, today, our Chi-town editor is sharing her secrets to not just surviving the hottest summer days, but loving them, too. Click through to see her top beauty picks, then pipe in with your own recs, in our comments section. And after that, bookmark this as your new summertime beauty bible.
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After discovering this on vacation (once my sunblock decided to explode, mid-flight), I became completely dedicated to Australian Gold. The scent is amazing, and when it says waterproof (and sweat-proof), it means it. I hoard bottles of this stuff when I find it on the shelf at Walgreens. Sorry.

Australian Gold SPF 30+ Spray Gel, $7.78, available at Walmart.
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Yes, I put a refrigerator in my beauty product picks. I don't have air conditioning (on purpose), so one of the ways I stay cool and comfortable in summer is by keeping my beauty products in the refrigerator. It's a nice little refresher that is very welcome on sticky-hot days.

Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator, prices vary, available at Sears.
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Winter, spring, summer, or fall, I need my black eyeliner. I just do. Rimmel makes really affordable pencil options that are easy to apply and remove at the end of the day, without leaving black smudges on all of your towels!

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil, $4.49, available at Walgreens.
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I have Birchbox to thank for introducing me to this amazing product. It is the best hand cream I have ever used — it instantly erases that uncomfortable dry feeling you get after washing your hands with movie theater soap.

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream, $19, available at Nordstrom.
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When it comes to certain products, I have a lot of brand loyalty. NARS Laguna bronzer stole my heart long, long ago, and I'll never use anything else. The color and pleasant little glow you get from this bronzer are perfect, year-round.

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna, $34, available at Sephora.
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One of my interns (thanks, Luis!) turned me on to this product. It's the perfect lotion for summertime because it's lightweight, but very moisturizing. The smell is also really different from most of the creams you're probably familiar with, and it's very pleasant. The best part? Every cent of the money you pay for this goes to charity.

Lush Charity Pot, $21.95, available at Lush.
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The best thing you can do for yourself during these sticky-hot months (or any time, really) is to stay hydrated. Bottled water makes me crazy (so wasteful!), so I keep a Brita pitcher filled in my fridge at all times. If you're not getting enough water, pack a reusable bottle in your work bag and keep it on your desk. You'll sip from it more than you think!

Brita Pitcher Water Filtration System, Grand Model, $29.99, available at
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I've never been much of a pink or red person; it's a bit too girly for me. So, instead, every summer pedicure I get is orange. I love it. It's a little bit of happy on your feet.

Essie Nail Polish in Action Orange, $8, available at Nordstrom.
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In my endless quest to find the world's best dry shampoo, I came across Salon Grafix. No residue (I have brown hair, this is important), no gross product-y feeling — it's perfect. The travel-size bottle lives in my bag all season long, and I use it even when my hair is clean, to add a little extra volume to my super-fine strands.

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo, $6.99, available at Target.
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I love this shampoo because it's really refreshing. Mint is a must for me in summertime. By the end of summer I've collected every minty product I can find — I find a new favorite every year.

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Hair Mint-Infused Invigorating Shampoo, $12, available at Bath & Body Works.