The Retro Rocker

What's your favorite thing hanging in your closet?

"My favorite thing has always been my navy and polka-dot Gap dress. It’s so comfortable and goes with everything. I love mixing and matching with it, and putting scarves and tops over it gives it a whole new look! It’s just so versatile."

Who is your greatest style inspiration and why?

"There are so many people that inspire me. Alexa Chung is a big one. She never seems to put too much thought into her looks and I love that. She’s always effortlessly cool and beautiful and her style gives off that vibe. I also love beauties of the 60s such as Pattie Boyd and Anita Pallenberg; they had that same effortless style that is just so inspiring and beautiful."

What's your dream job?

"My dream job would be a vintage buyer for Free People. I love everything about Free People’s company and vintage clothing. The combination of those two things would be the ultimate for me."

Tell us about your favorite designers.

"Some of my favorite include Anna Sui, Emilio Pucci and, the most recent winner of Project Runway, Anya Ayoung-Chee. They are all incredibly inspiring."

What do you hope style blogging will lead to?

"I can only dream of where it will take me! I know that I want a career in fashion. Right now, I’m blogging for fun so any opportunities that come along with that would be such dream come true!"


This dress is without a doubt one of my favorites! Even though it's a tad bit shorter than I would like, it's got everything that I love. Polka dots, pockets, and a cute collar and cuffs. I was super happy when I found it, and it was such a great price. Many vintage stores can be overpriced, but a new one opened up in the town I live in, and it's so reasonable. The dress kind of reminds me of something that Pattie Boyd would have worn back in the day. She is one of my style icons, and I love finding cute '60s pieces like this. This dress is something I will definitely be keeping for awhile, and wearing in loads of different ways.