The Head Of The Class

If not blogging full-time, how do you spend your days?

"I'm a third-grade teacher in Philadelphia. It’s a blast! You can usually find me grading papers, preparing lessons, and of course, teaching!"

What's your favorite thing hanging in your closet?

"Right now? My vintage navy-blue blazer. I actually found it in the little boys section of the thrift store, and it fits perfectly. Lately, I’ve been layering it over party dresses for a more casual look."

How have your roots inspired your style?

"I grew up in the middle of nowhere. It was actually pretty awesome, being surrounded by farms and state parks and such. I guess that's where my love of vintage and antique clothing began. We have some pretty awesome flea markets out there, and I'd always tag along with my dad whenever he went."

Who are your greatest style inspirations?

"I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from 1960's women, like Anna Karina and Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin."

What are your five style essentials?

"Ooh, this is hard. If I HAD to choose just five, I'd pick my: Marc Jacobs mary janes ($35 on eBay!), camel vintage pleated skirt, navy blue fitted blazer, a great pair of sunglasses (I'm loving my pair from Bonlook), and my blunt bangs."

Tick Tock Vintage

As much as I love over-the-knee socks, I would never wear them while teaching! I do, however, think that a lot of what I currently wear can be slightly adapted to be school appropriate. for example, this outfit would be great with a different blouse or a camisole worn underneath. adding a cardigan over this sheer shirt would make this outfit teaching appropriate. much of what I post is already totally fine for teaching; I would wear all of these outfits in the classroom without changing a thing. Student teaching gave me a great idea for the kinds of outfits that are appropriate for the classroom; granted, I did dress much differently than the rest of the teachers in the school, but it was always in a more formal way. I wore closed-toe shoes (whereas many teachers wore sneakers or sandals), never wore jeans, and stayed away from sweatshirts and oversized sweaters. I did get some comments at first, like, "Oh, just you wait until you've been teaching for a couple of years, you'll never wear nice things like that anymore." And, "I gave up on a that a long time ago, once all my things were ruined by paint and food and markers." They seemed like just excuses to me; your clothes can get ruined in any job you have, so why not wear what you love?