The Luxe Addict

What’s your favorite thing hanging in your closet?

"My Oscar de la Renta and Burberry trench-coats. They’re perfect for layering and add the right structure to flatter the right parts of my body. They’re navy and taupe, so they go with every outfit!"

How have your roots inspired your style?

"I grew up wearing bright colors, sneakers, and mixing and matching textures and prints. My style has changed since then greatly, but I still find ways to be creative with my looks through unique fabrics or colors. It's also forced me to think outside of the box when I get dressed because I didn't grow up around designer boutiques or really big shopping malls."

Tell us about your favorite designers.

"I love Alexander Wang because of his eye for structure and although his pieces look simple upon first sight, the fabrics are of amazing quality, and he really knows how to edge up a classic piece. Givenchy jackets are to-cry-for, and I think Balenciaga always makes the most awesome boots."

Who is your greatest style inspiration?

"My grandmother. She was a seamstress for a very long time and she always customized her own pieces. Her style was unique and although influenced by trends, she always kept true to herself. She had a love for designer pieces, but always knew how to mix high-end and lower-end pieces to achieve a look that was genuinely hers."

What do you hope style blogging will lead to?

"I would love to design my own menswear line and shoe line, and have the opportunity to share my life and thoughts with the world through television and movies."

Grease and Glamour

I pulled a blouse from my grandmother’s closet when I went back home a few weeks ago. It was a bit big around the waist but fit perfectly into some high-waisted peplum shorts (my fave). Those are her knee-high sheer stocking socks as well. Something about being in her wardrobe somehow (don’t ask me how) brought upon a feeling of warmth and admiration. Wisdom comes with age, yes? Well I felt all of that resonating through her clothing and into my soul. It made me think about what it means to be a woman, individually and within society. Which then got me thinking:

Why do women have to bring each other down? If you're a thespian (or not), read the play called Lysistrata, one of the few plays written by Aristophanes that has survived since 411 B.C. In this play, Lysistrata thinks of a way to provide the men with an incentive to stop fighting in the Peloponnesian War. She convinces the women to hold out sexually to force the men to stop fighting and come home. Her ridiculous but effective plan would have been successful if it weren’t for the women who snuck out to get theirs. Let me repeat: Instead of trying to help other women (AND themselves) by holding out to ensure that every man come home to their wives and children, many snuck out for the instant yet pointless gratification of a good hump. This ancient Greek play is proof that women in society have not changed very much. You still see this sort of behavior today. Women who, for the sake of individual satisfaction, sacrifice other women for their own gain. In order to be respected for the human beings we are, women need to collectively support one another and put the cat-fights and drama aside for the greater good — the advancement of women, eradication of sexism and shattering of the glass ceiling still trapping us in corporate America today.

In short:

  • Don’t sleep with another woman’s husband/boyfriend/partner
  • Do let your friend know that you feel uncomfortable about her talking to an ex
  • Do be a loyal and generous person
  • Don’t let people talk trash about someone you care about
  • Do stick up for yourself and others
  • Don’t hate another woman for following her dreams
  • Do figure out what it is you are passionate about and follow your own