The Graphic Design Star

If not blogging full-time, how do you spend your days?

"I work full-time as a senior designer at Ferro Concrete, a design branding agency. I’ve been here for four years."

What's your favorite thing hanging in your closet?

"An oversized tweed coat I got from H&M. Its unstructured style pairs well with skinny jeans; and it's perfect for work."

How have your roots inspired your style?

"My father has a lot to do with my style inspiration. He hasn’t flipped through a fashion magazine or blog in ages but he always manages to look sharp and stylish. His classic style remains a great influence."

Tell us about your favorite designer.

"I love Dion Lee from Australia. His pieces are very architectural and geometric. The attention to detail on each piece drew me in as if I was looking at a sculpture. The sharp lines contrasting with soft pastel colors from his spring/summer line were amazing."

What was your most embarrassing style moment?

"I once wore these incredibly unstable high heels and then face planted. The entire restaurant turned around to look at me."

Andy Heart

When starting this fashion blog, I thought about the importance of the design. As a graphic designer, with many years of education and experience, it's not hard to make things look beautiful. However, form follows function. It was important for me to have great ideas and inspiration as the foundation of my blog. And to best communicate this to my readers, I curated a collection of visually striking imagery as if it were a museum of my fashion, my foods, and my distant travels (sometimes local). These photos won't have an essay attached to them explaining the decision behind each pattern, each color, each texture. Not necessary. It was better for me to express the concept through imagery rather than copy. The process started off organically. After finding tidbits of inspiration from other various blogs, I eventually infused my personality into things I was passionate about. Whether it was the matching of outfit and jewelry, or an existing recipe with my own twist, I had to share the results of my little experiments. Maybe it worked, maybe it failed. As long as I kept my posts simple and clean, it made the content easier to approach. Everything non-essential would just waste people's time. Ever since starting this blog, I have gained some perspective on what I've wanted. That included being happy in what I did with my time. With each blog post, I found myself returning to fashion. Of course, I love art and design, but my obsession lies with creating looks, gathering inspiration, and discovering style.

I've yet to scratch the surface of my blog; much more to say, much more to show. And the feedback from friends and fans have only fueled my drive. Like many others, this blog is my personal outlet to share what I have learned and experienced. But my blog will only be successful in its design if someone leaves my blog a little more inspired.