The Top-Ranked Sports Bra (For Women Who Work Out Hard)

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    wacaol-1Photo: Courtesy of Wacoal.
    For some of us, a quality bra is more important than a good gym membership when it comes to working out. Without the proper underthings, even the simplest run can lead you to battle with your sanity, and the only real workout you get at the end of a wrestle is one with your wits. So, to help you avoid the hassle, The Huffington Post went on the hunt for the perfect sports bra.

    Employing a special algorithm that compiles user reviews, editorial coverage, and online rankings, HuffPo, with data compiled by Rank & Style, listed its top five best performing bras for women who need real support in their exercise routine. Coming out on top? The Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra, which rings in at $65. While underwire and sports bra might sound more like medieval torture devices than things designed to help you move easier, apparently that bit of support makes all the difference. It's a best seller, helps wick sweat away, and features wide, sturdy straps that will keep your girls from running away. Click through to check out the complete list and reasons why these babies won't buckle under pressure. (The Huffington Post)
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