Skype Session Turned Editorial: The Future of Photography?

Whether it's through Photobooth or something else, we're all guilty of indulging in some vanity webcam photoshoots. After all, the grainy quality and forgiving light contrasts produce portraits that make anyone look model-pretty. Australian photographer Darren McDonald takes the medium to another level by producing a sexy-time shoot of a Skype conversation between him and model Caitlin Lomax. In what seems to be the result of a little "a/s/l?" banter, the low-budget, three-photo series is a surprisingly smart alternative to high-production beauty shots. The photos feel deeply personal, no retouching is really needed, and of course, there's the whole advantage of a model being able to see what she looks like as she moves. The best part? We can all recreate the shoot ourselves—just make sure to close the blinds before you attempt. (Cold After Midnight via Fashion Copious)
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