Skechers Knocks Off Toms Shoes With Their Bobs Slip-Ons

In the shoe knock-off game, Skechers has remained pretty ethical, forgoing many of the wearable runway styles to instead create sneaker-dress shoe hybrids (that, unfortunately, are more eyesores than convenience items... but that's a whole other post). However, they've recently created a new line of canvas slip-ons that are a blatant rip-off of Toms. BleachBlack pointed out that Bobs not only copies Toms' shoe shape, but also the individual fabrics, the single-syllable dude name, and the humanitarian component. What's your take on the whole shebang? When it comes to charity, do you subscribe to the belief that the more organizations out there, the merrier—or are they taking advantage of a profitable yet philanthropic business? (BleachBlack)

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