Shopper's Delight! Phillip Lim Plays It Safe & Smart With An Easy-Chic Collection



There are times when pushing the limits of design are necessary, and others when keeping it simple seems like just as much a stroke of genius. And for spring, Phillip Lim did exactly what he does best: Created stylish, flattering, uncomplicated pieces that no girl could refuse. We loved the relaxed red suit that kicked off the show, in fact the slouchy drawstring trousers were perhaps the best we spotted all week. Equally good were his sequin pieces (a long shimmering tuxedo jacket paired with combat heels killed it) and the many thoughtfully tailored jackets and shorts. A series of fussy pleated dresses and seemingly pointless back-ties were less appealing, but with so many other things to add to our wish list, they barely registered.

All images from, click here to see the rest of the collection.

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