Urban Decay's New Naked Vault Is Kind Of Dirty — & We Love It

We're mature adults who can have grown-up conversations about sex; we did away with "private parts" euphemisms long ago; and we roll our eyes every time someone says, "That's what she said," right? Right, of course...for the most part.

But when the sex joke comes from somewhere we least expect — like our nail polish — we can't make any promises that we won't giggle every time someone compliments our manicure and we get to tell them the shade is Pussy Galore. What can we say? Some things still make us blush.

Ahead, find 31 products that we suspect took their moniker inspiration from the Kama Sutra — or, in a few X-rated instances, PornHub. Of course there's info on where to buy yourself each one, too. Because, unless you have a mom like Amber Rose, we’re guessing these won’t be the kind of holiday gifts you request this year.